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Welcome to On this website you will find information, news, game explanation, winner stories and draws about the official French lotteries. Typical French lotteries are the Euromillions, Millionaire, Keni and Loto. With the rise of online lottery services such as Lottofy, Giantlottos and Thelotter people from all over the world can now participate in this national Lotteries. This has increased the popularity of the games internationally.

Most played France lotteries online in 2024

The below 3 were the most in demand in 2024 according to our own research. The first 2 are organized in France only the Powerball is not. This is an American lottery that can issue jackpot prizes of more like 2 billion. For now Giantlottos gives the second ticket free, for new customers.

Which official lotteries are organized in France?

La Française des Jeux is a French company that has a monopoly on organising most games of chance and sports betting. The games they cover in 2024 are Euro Millions-My Million, Joker+, Loto, Keno Gagnant a vie, and Amigo.


Euromillions ticket

France was one of the founding countries of EuroMillions in 2004, along with Spain and the United Kingdom. Now it consists of 9 participating countries. Being one of the first participants and geographically convenient, they also organize the weekly draws in Paris.

My Million code

Exclusive to French EuroMillions players, My Million offers an extra chance to win, where each EuroMillions ticket purchase includes a unique My Million code that automatically participates in a separate draw.

So the French do have an extra charge with this European Lotto.

Loto Official

happy people in paris who won the lottery

This is one of the most popular lottery games in France. Players select a series of numbers and can win prizes based on the number of matching numbers.

Lotto is a popular lottery.

How to play Loto?

Players choose six numbers from a sequence and try to win a jackpot by guessing all six numbers correctly. There are also prizes for players who guess part of the numbers correctly.

Biggest loto jackpot

The largest jackpot ever won in the France Lotto was €30 million. This record-jackpot prize was won on December 4, 2021.


happy man who won keno game in france

Keno is another popular game offered by FDJ. Players choose a series of numbers and try to match the numbers drawn.

Keno draws take place several times a day, giving players regular chances to win prizes.

Other French lotteries

Jeu de Grattage Scratch Cards

Apart from these well-known lotteries, FDJ also offers other games of chance and scratch cards. They have a wide range of games to suit different preferences and budgets

Loto Foot

These are instant lottery games where players buy scratch cards and can immediately see if they have won. FDJ offers a variety of scratch card games with different themes and prize levels.


A bingo style lottery game that is drawn several times a day. Players choose numbers and win based on how many numbers match those drawn.

Loto Foot

This is a sports betting game linked to soccer, where players try to predict the outcomes of soccer matches.


Better consumer protection in France for casinos and lottery providers

In an effort to enhance consumer protection, France’s regulator, the Autorité Nationale des Jeux (ANJ), has instructed online gambling operators to pinpoint and eliminate ‘problematic clauses’ from their terms and conditions. This move forms part of a larger investigation into the ‘general clauses’ employed by online gambling operators.

The study was initiated by a series of client complaints around the validity, context, and content of specific clauses submitted to the Mediateur des Jeux en Ligne. The Mediateur, set up in 2019, operates as an independent mediator between French online gambling consumers and licensed operators. This includes monopoly holders such as FDJ (national lottery), which recently saw its offer accepted to acquire Kindred, and PMU (French horseracing).

ANJ strives to achieve a level of statutory compliance with the terms and conditions of gambling operators that is satisfactory without the necessity to impose a uniform contractual obligation on license holders. This can be found on the regulator’s website. As such, ANJ’s assessment aimed at identifying and removing any unlawful, ambiguous, or potentially problematic content from the general terms and conditions.

Money on france lottery tickets

Consumer Behavior

While the lottery in France is popular across all age groups, certain games cater more to specific demographics. For instance, scratch-off games like “Grattage” are popular among younger players, while traditional draw-based games like Loto appeal more to older audiences.

French consumers spend a significant amount annually on lottery tickets. These spending habits are closely monitored and studied by Française des Jeux to tailor their games and marketing strategies.

Branding lotteries FDJ

Française des Jeux conducts extensive advertising campaigns to attract a wide audience. These campaigns are often creative, leveraging humor, nostalgia, and even social messages to appeal to potential players. FDJ is also known for its sports sponsorships, especially in cycling, thereby gaining visibility and credibility among a broader public.

lotto balls


Is the Euromillions an official French lottery?

Euromillions is not officially French, but the French think it is. Although Euromillions Lottery bears the seal of nine European countries, it seems that this is their lottery for the French because the drawings take place twice a week (Tuesday and Friday nights) in Paris. Therefore, do the French have a better chance of winning Well, no, because every lot has the same chance of winning, whether from France, Germany, Spain, and even from a country other than nine organizing countries, as long as you have an official lottery ticket.

How to buy lottery tickets if I don’t live in France?

Of course, if you live in France, it is very easy to get lottery tickets for local lotteries. Like at Giantlotto or Thelotter, you can buy lottery tickets online all over the world in a legal and official way. Both parties have many years of experience in selling international lotteries. In 2023 decides thelotter to accept no new players from France.

When is the draw of the Euromillions my million rafflue?

The EuroMillions My Million Raffle drawn is every Tuesday and Friday night at 20:45CET in Paris.

When is the draw of the loto in 2024?

The French loto drawn is three times a week on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays at 20:30 GMT in 2024.

What & when was the biggest jackpot in a France lottery?

In 2021 somebody won the jackpot of 30 million, the biggest price in history for the Loto. A single ticket claimed the largest France Lotto jackpot to-date worth €30 million. After 34 rollovers somebody won the jackpot.

In october 2021 the EuroMillions jackpot of €220 million has been won by a player in France. The winning numbers were 21, 26, 31, 34, 49 and lucky stars 2 and 5. This was the biggest Euromillions my millionaire maker jackpot ever won. Second biggest jackot was also euromillions in 2020 with jackpot of 200 million.

What er the winning odds?

The winning odds of the France Loto Jackpot aren’t very high. The odds of winning different prize tiers in the France Lotto are as follows:

  • Jackpot (5 numbers + Chance number): 1 in 19,068,840
  • 5 numbers: 1 in 2,118,760

About Française des Jeux (FDJ)

Française des Jeux (FDJ) is France’s national lottery. It is a national procedure initiated by the courts in 1976 and applies to the organization and supervision of various events and lotteries in the country. FDJ has a monopoly position in France and plays an important role in the national government industry. FDJ says goodbye before big projects and good deeds. This means an economic burden for the sale of goods and the exploitation of businesses of all kinds. A major challenge for the French government is that it must be used to open services and social programs.

FDJ enforced a strict security policy on primary liability and obtained strict justification for contract negotiations. Implementation needs to be done on a regular basis to ensure you do security reviews, choose to deploy and provide information, and receive information on issues and issues.

La Française des Jeux is the main French lottery company responsible for lotteries, games and lotteries. It plays a major role in the national government industry and is backed and dealt by great people and big projects

News and winners French lotteries

Vouchers are becoming increasingly more popular in 2024 as lottery prizes. During weekend lotteries, the prizes to be won are increasingly vouchers that can be spent in supermarkets. In Tinténiac, in Ille-et-Vilaine, vouchers of 10-800 euros were on offer, these vouchers are particularly popular at this time of inflation.

The lottery in Tinténiac, Ille-et-Vilaine, offered vouchers that could be used in shops. The lottery in Tinténiac, Ille-et-Vilaine, offered vouchers that could be used in shops. Radio France – Julien Prouvoyeur. The lottery, sponsored by the association “Les pompiers solidaires”, is regularly attended by people, but this Sunday many are trying to win. There are 4,000 euros worth of prizes to be won, the prizes divided into vouchers. These cards are accepted in supermarkets. These prizes are hugely appreciated by players during this period of inflation.

Conclusion stands as a premier online resource for lottery enthusiasts and casual players alike, offering an in-depth exploration of France’s rich lottery landscape. Our platform is designed to provide a detailed overview of various lottery games, including historical data, draw schedules, and statistical analyses, making it a go-to hub for informed lottery participation.

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