Keno FDJ from France

French Keno is a daily lottery where players select numbers from a range of 1 to 70. Players can usually choose 2 to 10 numbers, depending on their preference. Then, 20 numbers are drawn at random from a total of 70.

What prizes can you win in Keno?

Prizes in Keno are determined based on the number of matching numbers between the numbers drawn and the numbers chosen by players. The more numbers you have correct, the bigger the prize. There are different prize categories, ranging from matching just one number to matching all 10 numbers chosen.

The unique aspect of Keno in France is that players can choose how much to bet and what type of bet to place. There are several betting options, such as “Simple”, “Compose”, “Champ Réduit” and “Champ Total”. Each betting option has its own rules and payouts.

Entry Fees KENO

There are a variety of entry tickets for the FDJ Keno lottery. Here are some of the most important of them:

It’s very simple: enter 2 to 10 numbers and place them outside the previously entered numbers that match the retrieved number.
Combos: Play with 2 to 10 numbers while placing them on all possible combinations of numbers collected.
Champ Réduit: Players can enter more than 10 numbers while selecting all possible combinations of saved numbers.
Overall Winner: The player chooses all 70 numbers and places one of them in all possible combinations of the 70 numbers collected.

When will the 2023 draw take place?

In France, the Keno lottery draws several times a day. Players can view the results on the FDJ official website, authorized outlets or through other sources. Prizes may vary depending on the number of winners and players’ total bets.

The game of Keno is popular with French lottery players due to its simple rules and frequent draws. It offers players the chance to win small prizes at regular intervals, depending on how many numbers they get right.

Where can I buy Keno lottery tickets?

If you are interested in playing Keno in France, you can go to FDJ authorized outlets or its online platform to buy lottery tickets and participate in the draw.

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