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The origins of lotteries goes back centuries. For example, the French National Lottery was already established in 1505. Back then the French king Francis I introduced the lottery to his citizens. A lot of things have changed in the past five hundred years. However, the basic rule of the French Loto is still the same. You need to pick a few numbers that match with the numbers that appear during the lottery draw.

French people like to make a gamble. This is clearly shown by the French Loto, that attracts thousands of players every week. France is completely excited three times a week, when the draw takes place. You can win big prizes and a Jackpot of a few million euros. It gets even more exciting when there is no Jackpot hit. In that case the money will be increased with one million dollars. So it comes at no surprise that there’s a little bit of madness during the French Loto draw!

Basic rule of the French Loto

Nowadays France isn’t a Kingdom anymore, so the Loto is not in the hands of one ruler. Instead it’s organized by exploitant La Française des Jeux, which is also one of the co-founders of the popular EuroMillions lottery. At France Loto it’s all about numbers. As a player you have to choose five numbers from a range of 1 to 49 and one extra number that’s known as the ‘Lucky Number’ from a 1-10 range.

Are you the next winner?

Second draw

French LOTO players can also choose an additional 0.80 euro for the second draw, which provides you with another chance to win up to 100,000 euros. The second lottery is a separate draw, and five of the other five wins between 1 and 49 are selected. Players use the same number they chose in the main LOTO dungeon. If they correspond to all the five numbers in the second draw, they will win 100,000 euros. The random number is not used in the second pull.

Matching two, three or four numbers also have prices. Turn aside along the price of the French band to understand more information about the price provided in the second lottery.

When are the weekly draws for 2023?

France Lotto draws take place every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday at 8:30 pm local time in Paris. Each draw will draw five normal balls and one lucky number. There is also a Joker+ game to play with French Lotto, giving players the chance to win additional prizes.

Where can you buy French Loto tickets?

You can purchase France Loto tickets in one of the official stores or online at Giantlotto or the TheLotter. A ticket usually costs a few euros. There’s a possibility to increase your winning chances, namely by choosing a systematic form with the numbers 7, 8 or 9. A 5-line or 6-line lottery ticket might bring you luck as well. It might also help if you buy a multi-draw package of 5, 10, 25 or 52 draws. It has two advantages, namely a discount and a higher winning chance. A subscription for France Loto is a good idea as well, because in that case you participate in every draw. Besides that you get a free 10th ticket every time. You can choose your lucky numbers manually or with a quick pick. After the purchase it’s time to wait for the draw on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday evening at 20.30 GMT.

What can I win in French Lotto?

The French Lotto jackpot is usually €2 million and may increase if not won. There is a rolling mechanic that keeps the jackpot growing until it reaches a certain amount. If the jackpot is not won, the prize will be split equally among the lower tier winners. Prizes vary according to the number of matching numbers and lucky numbers.

Extra money with the Loto Raffle

One of the interesting things about the French Loto is that it offers several extra’s to win more money, including the so-called ‘Loto Raffle’. It means that you have a unique code on your lottery ticket that makes it possible to win one of 10 prices worth 20.000 euros. The code is made of one letter and eight numbers. So every time you purchase a ticket, it might be possible to win 20.000 euros with the ‘raffle’ option. Besides that, the prize money is tax free. It makes the French Loto even more exciting!

In a lottery you have to beat the odds, because the winning chances for the Jackpot aren’t very high. However, France Loto doesn’t think there is something like ‘bad luck or bad numbers’ because it always has a guaranteed Jackpot at Friday the 13th! The Jackpot is worth at least 13 million euros. So if you win, 13 will be forever your lucky number. Sometimes it takes a while before there’s a Jackpot hit, because the maximum number of rollovers is 34.

What was the biggest france loto winner ever?

Although the France Loto has a fairly modest €2 million minimum jackpot, that does not mean it can’t shell out a significant amount. Each time this lottery will roll over, the jackpot increases in €1 million increments. Additionally for this, the jackpot’s capability to rollover is limited to a fairly generous 34 occasions. The biggest single-ticket jackpot prize won around the France Loto was €24 million, in June 2011. The jackpot had folded over a remarkable 11 occasions from the beginning special draw jackpot prize of €13 million to finish on this amount – nearly double the amount initial prize, because of 11 consecutive rollovers. The France Loto has additionally had its great amount of wonderful results one incredibly lucky lottery player in the south of France required home the jackpot in 1996, and on the other hand this year.

The loto was created in 1975 by Jacques Chirac

On 10 July 1975, Jacques Chirac signed a decree authorising the Loto. A phenomenon that affected all French people at the time. On 10 July 1975, Jacques Chirac, then prime minister, signed a decree authorising Loto , this very popular gambling game in France. The first draw took place a few months later, on 19 May 1976, in public at the Théâtre de l’Empire in Paris. Only players from Île-de-France could participate. The number was 75,000; a year later it was 7 million. The whole of France is worried.

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